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Who I am.

Hi my name is Sherry Johnson and I am a professional counselor facilitating a Batterer’s Intervention Program and working to heal families. I was born in Chicago, but raised in Southern California finishing my undergrad degree in Television, film and Script Writing at California State University Fullerton. Once I finished my degree, I immediately starting working in the film and TV industry only to find out after three years, that is not my passion. Once I moved to Arizona, I started working with Grand Canyon University as a student counselor and realized that I loved helping others to realize and reach their full potential. I understood from my own experience that many of us are influenced by our families, so the family is foundational to a healthy lifestyle.

I was so grateful to have the opportunity to finish my Master’s in Professional Counselor and right now I have my LAC (Licensed Associate Counselor Certification) from the state of Arizona. I’ve been counseling for over 10 years in Los Angeles and over 6 years in Arizona. I am really passionate about counseling and helping families be healthy and whole. Ultimately I will have my own organization in consulting. My cause is to change the domestic violence laws and advocate for more ways to keep the offender accountable and the victims of domestic violence safer.

My story

My mother was a victim of Domestic violence at the hand of my father. There were many frightening nights I remember hearing her scream and feeling helpless as a child. After many incidences where she almost lost her life, she had to take his life in order to save hers. At the age of ten, I lost my father in order for my mother to live. With much support from family and friends, my mother and I were able to heal and that started my journey in trying to understand not so much the victim, but the perpetrator of Domestic violence. If my mother had the resources that victims have today, I believe my father would still be alive and my mother would have gotten the help she needed sooner. Based on my experience growing up, I decided not to be the victim, however, since I didn’t receive the help I needed at that time to fully process what happened between my mother and father, I became the perpetrator. My violence started with my first boyfriend in high school. While I wasn’t physically violent with him I was emotionally and verbally abusive. I knew how to manipulate him and get what I wanted and because of my selfishness, he expressed feeling hurt, angry, and disrespected. After my first boyfriend made the decision to leave the relationship (rightfully so!), I went from relationship to relationship, looking for someone guy to “save me” and compensate for the pain I went through as a child. Today I serve as a Professional counselor in a Batter’s Intervention Program and have helped many men and women who have chosen not to reoffend. My goal is to continue the effort in providing safety for our victims by treating the perpetrators through collaboration of agencies and education. Why this website “Women who are abusive?” Primarily because this subject is not talked about as much and I know firsthand that women can also be abusive.

The purpose of the website

What I learned is that healing starts with acknowledging that I had a problem, admitting that my method of coping wasn’t working, and I needed God. Through spiritual counseling, family support, and accountability, I learned how to love and respect myself, and others. I recently got married to the man of my dreams who is just as passionate about helping others as I am. Ironically, my husband was in two previous relationships with women who were abusive. When I asked him what motivated him to stay, he replied, “I didn’t know it was abuse at the time and I thought as a man, I could take it.” Unfortunately, many men feel this way and like me, many women have the desire to stop their abusive behavior, but are unaware of how. My desire is that this website, “Women who are abusive” will educate both men and women on the tactics of abuse used by women, why women batter and how women and the men in their lives can heal.

Thank you for visiting my website!

Sherry Johnson